The Top 5 Crystals to Ground You and How to Use Them

When we feel scattered and overwhelmed, it can really help to ground ourselves. Through grounding, we establish a strong connection to the earth, which is a great source of support for us humans who are typically energy-hungry beings.

Crystals can have a range of meanings depending on their color and shape, but typically, they are known to be powerful healing sources for the body, mind, and soul. Although several types of crystals can be used for grounding, the top 5 crystals listed below will help you achieve this in many ways and are guaranteed to improve your health and overall well-being.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is a lovely, soothing stone that helps you stay centered and grounded during times of stress. It’s also considered a good luck charm for grounding financial abundance. Its brownish-gray color comes from natural irradiation that occurs when rock layers containing quartz are exposed to radioactive elements in the earth’s crust. This causes the quartz crystals to turn smoky in color. You can find smoky quartz in nature (often as clusters of crystals), or it may be cut and polished into spheres, pyramids, or other shapes.

Smoky quartz works well as a pocket stone, but its best use is as a decorative piece in your home or office. It will look beautiful on a bookshelf or desk, and it will have its most powerful effect if you place it near your computer monitor (where radiation from electromagnetic fields may be an issue). Because smoky quartz is so effective at grounding you, it’s important not to put it directly next to your bed. Instead, keep it in a more public place where you can look at it often—that way you’ll get the full benefit of its energy while still getting a good night’s sleep.


Pyrite is a cool choice for grounding because it also fosters creativity and intellect, helping you to come up with more creative solutions for moving forward in your life.

In addition to alleviating anxiety, Pyrite can help alleviate fatigue, depression and confusion. It is excellent for increasing vitality and overcoming feelings of inadequacy and impotence. It helps you to develop your will power and persistence, allowing you to follow through with your decisions. It also helps you to let go of bad habits.

How to use it: Simply place a piece of pyrite in your pocket or near the computer (or other electronics) at work. You can also hold it while meditating or simply place it on your desk while working.


Hematite is the most popular and widely used grounding stone. It’s easy to understand why when you look at it: its dark and reflective surface resembles the earth’s soil, and it even has a slight reddish tinge like rusty iron, which of course comes from all the iron oxide in its composition.

Hematite is especially useful to have during times when you’re experiencing stress or anxiety; it absorbs negativity and helps calm a turbulent mind, giving you the mental clarity to regain control of your thoughts. You can keep this stone close by in your pocket or as a piece of jewelry, but if you’re going through a particularly tough time, try placing one on each of your feet before going to sleep—that way you’ll be drawing on its strength for hours without interruption.


Meditating with Onyx can help you to ground your energy and connect with the earth in a very powerful way, helping you to feel more stable and secure in your surroundings. When used at work or during times of great stress, it can also help you to focus more clearly on the task at hand. If you’re feeling emotionally drained or find yourself struggling with obsessive thoughts or anxiety, Onyx can be a great stone to use for its grounding and soothing qualities.

To use Onyx as a meditation tool, lay down flat on the floor with your feet flat against the wall. Place the stone on your stomach and focus on the sensation of its weight against your body. Close your eyes and breathe deeply, taking two seconds to inhale and two seconds to exhale. Notice how this heaviness feels against you, imagine that it is drawing energy from within you up through your feet into the stone. As you do this, focus on the feeling of being grounded and secure within yourself. After about five minutes or so when you feel ready, slowly remove the stone from your stomach, sit up slowly, and open your eyes.


Shungite is probably the most well-known grounding stone, so it makes sense to start with this one. Shungite comes from Russia and is very old; it’s been used for centuries to purify water. It also has a unique molecular structure called fullerenes, which are thought to be antioxidants that remove free radicals from the body.

Shungite has a very high vibrational energy that can block electromagnetic fields—if you’re feeling overwhelmed by technology, shungite can be a great addition to your home environment. Place it on your computer or near your cell phone. If you’re out and about, put shungite in your purse or pocket; the small amount of weight from the stone will help to ground you and keep you centered throughout the day.

These five crystals can help you ground and center yourself, so start incorporating them into your life on a regular basis. Over time, these crystals will help you establish a sense of balance in both your physical and spiritual lives. And that’s something well worth working towards.