Meet the ones who make it all happen!


Deneene founded the shop and is the curator. If you do not see something just ask, we may have it in back or I will try my best to get it for you.


Cheryl works the shop and she is also the person who schedules all of our practitioners. If you need to change your schedule or would like to become part of the Sacred Ground community please email her at

Welcome to Sacred Ground, a manifestation of a dream nurtured for over two decades, now a reality in the heart of downtown Arlington Heights.

As a brick-and-mortar establishment, we transcend the digital realm, providing a physical space for individuals to converge, engage in meaningful conversations, embark on a shopping journey, and most importantly, foster the profound connections we all crave.

Inspired by the adage, “Out of darkness comes the light,” we stand as a beacon of hope on the horizon, inviting you to join us in spreading that light. Sacred Ground is not merely a store; it is a sanctuary dedicated to the restorative process, supporting individuals, communities, and the world at large in rebuilding.

In the wake of the pandemic, where many grapple with varying degrees of PTSD and grief, our store serves as a haven, offering the Earth’s most natural resources in healing energies, such as rocks and crystals. Complementing these offerings are a diverse array of holistic remedies, including Edgar Cayce products and castor oil packs. Our commitment extends beyond products to a myriad of modalities, ranging from massage and astrology to akashic record readings, sound healing, Reiki, Peruvian Shaman rituals, numerology, meditation (individual and group), yoga, and crystal layouts and readings.

Discover enlightenment through our classes and workshops, covering topics like crystals, EFT, essential oils, Feng Shui, and more. Stay updated by visiting our workshop page for the latest information on classes, workshops, and private sessions.

At Sacred Ground, we curate quality products that inspire a lifestyle centered around self-care and spiritual growth. Our collection is meticulously sourced and crafted, showcasing artisans who specialize in small-batch, organic, and fair trade creations.

Explore our store’s unique ambiance, featuring a curated selection of vintage, antique, and eclectic items that defy convention. Each visit promises a discovery of the extraordinary, with our resident shop dog Luca adding a touch of warmth. Feel free to bring your furry friends along – they’re more than welcome!

Blessings to you all,
Deneene & Cheryl