Embark on a transformative journey with Sacred Ground Holistic Center, where a carefully curated spectrum of diverse modalities awaits to nurture your well-being. Join us every Tuesday at 7 pm for guided meditation sessions led by rotating practitioners, offering a rich exploration of various meditation techniques.

Discover the unique experience of sitting beneath our Star Gate (invented and made by Gordon Hughes), a gateway to a cosmic portal that elevates awareness and deepens spiritual connection. Immerse yourself in meditation around our ever-changing large crystal grid, which showcases themes like protection, self-love, and abundance. When the space is unoccupied, seize the opportunity for private moments in this tranquil and transformative environment.

Consider renting our space for small events or personal gatherings, granting you exclusive access to crystals, salt lamps, and the expansive crystal grid.

Engage in meditation, yoga, small classes, or simply sit beneath the Star Gate, embarking on a personal journey within and beyond. The space offers a sanctuary for connection, peace, and self-discovery.

$1 per minute 847-749-3922.

Call our retail store to book in 15 minute intervals. For larger events or re-occurring ones call and ask to speak to Cheryl or email.