The Merkaba Symbol

The Merkaba is a powerful sacred geometry symbol. It is comprised of 2 intersecting tetrahedrons – one pointing upwards channeling energy from the heavens, the other pointing downwards, drawing up energy from the earth – that spin in opposite direction, creating a powerful, high energy 3D energy field.

Channelling the energy of the Merkaba activates a high energy field of protection and higher consciousness around you.

In your meditations, visualize yourself at the center of a Merkaba with the two tertrahedrons spinning faster and faster in opposite directions, creating a powerful vortex around your energy field. You will gradually feel lighter, more energized, in tune with your higher consciousness and at one with Universal love.

Carry or wear a Merkaba symbol with you as a reminder that you are always protected and have the innate power to tap into a higher level of energy anytime.