lisa Maria

Intuitive Guidance and Tarot Readings

Like many of you Lisa has been a lifelong seeker of the unknown and metaphysical. She has worked as an artist and teacher for over 20 years. As a student of many different teachers throughout her spiritual quest, she believes Mother Nature to be the most knowledgeable, wise and compassionate teacher of all. Lisa is passionate, kind, empathetic and loves helping others activate and discover their truth and soul’s purpose. She is a big believer in listening to your heart and taking positive action.

Her knowledge and understanding of the subconscious along with her natural ability to read energy allows Lisa to help clients navigate and establish harmonious balance of mind, body and spirit, while fostering a better understanding of themselves and the world around them. Lisa utilizes Crystals, Tarot and Oracle Cards while she communicates with your angels and guides. Through these aforementioned forms of divination, Lisa is able to receive and provide clients with extremely impactful messages and insightful intuitive guidance.