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Astrology & Angel Readings

In 1979, Lin began studying astrology and in 1988, she started providing professional astrology readings for others. Since 1993, Lin has provided hundreds of all types of astrology readings, and she has taught astrology in a variety of settings. Also, in 1993 Lin became certified in hypnosis and began a practice. In 1994, as a result of completing workshops with Alma Daniel, in British Columbia and New York City, Lin began to lead Angel Workshops which led to individual readings. Alma Daniel is the author of a New York Times best-selling book “Ask Your Angels.” 

Lin completed a certification course in aromatherapy and reached Reiki Mastership in 2001. Lin has studied with Robert Hand, author of “Planets in Transit” & many other astrology books. She also studied with Kurt Schnaubelt, Ph. D., author of “Advanced Aromatherapy.”  Lin has provided workshops/classes in Angels and Astrology all over the Midwest and Florida. Lin also provides individual sessions in both subjects.