How Can Oracle And Tarot Card Readings Enhance Your Life?

Tarot cards and oracle cards are a great way to communicate with the universe and your inner self. Through different Tarot readings, you can find answers to questions in your life – love, work, and family. If you’d like to learn more, this blog is for you.

What Are Tarot And Oracle Cards?

Tarot Card Reading and Oracle Cards are a form of divination, a method that uses cards to gain insight into the past, present, or future by formulating a question, then drawing and interpreting cards.

Tarot and Oracle cards are amazing tools for self-discovery. They can help you gain insight into your life, a situation, or current challenges you might be facing. They can also help you make better decisions or choices about a specific issue.

Tarot and Oracle Cards have been around for centuries, but they have only recently gained mainstream popularity. While some people dismiss the practice as a parlor trick or entertainment, others believe Tarot and Oracle Cards provide valuable insight into your life, past actions, and future decisions.

How Do Tarot And Oracle Card Readings Work?

The term oracle card refers to how you usually shuffle a deck and draw three cards — one at random, then one from each of the remaining two piles.

The card you draw doesn’t have to be the actual drawn card. Sometimes you’ll pick a higher number; sometimes, you’ll pick a lower number. There’s no right or wrong way to do it, but the trick is to realize that your future will be influenced by what you choose.

Even if you don’t believe in all that stuff, there are still plenty of ways to use the cards for divining information about yourself and others. You can ask questions about your reading or specific situations and larger life events, or even about the future.

Oracles are typically used for short-term life crises (a broken leg, a job interview) and long-term goals (buying a house).

Tarot is more powerful than oracles and can be used for anything from vague hunches to serious predictions. You’ve probably seen tarot decks with their identical 56 cards — called “full decks” — but there are also “pip decks,” which often have fewer cards that provide additional information about each card.

Oracle cards are usually made up of several cards around a certain theme. Themes can range from anything like “love” to “career” to “metaphysical symbols.” These decks usually contain 28-64 cards, and sometimes even more than that!

Benefits of a Tarot or Oracle Card Reading

Tarot and oracle cards are a wonderful way to get insight and understand your life. They can help with decision-making and give us a fresh perspective on what is happening around us.

Here are some of the benefits of a tarot or oracle card reading:

Direction and guidance.

Tarot and oracle cards give you more clarity about what’s happening in your life, which helps you make better decisions for yourself. This can be especially helpful when you feel stuck or confused about what to do next.

Support and encouragement.

The messages from the cards help you feel supported and encourage you to take action in your life. When we’re feeling stuck, the best thing to do is take a step forward in any direction, which often brings more insight and clarity.

Personal empowerment.

Tarot and oracle cards are about choosing and making choices aligned with your authentic self. They will help you become aware of when you’re going against yourself so that you can choose differently based on what is right for you at the time of your reading.

How Can You Make The Most Of A Reading?

If you have decided to use Tarot and/or Oracle cards as a tool for self-transformation, it is important to understand the principles behind their use. The better you understand these principles, the more effective your readings.

Before each reading, cleanse the deck of cards. This can be done by holding them in your hands and visualizing white light flowing into them. This process should take approximately five minutes.

Shuffle the cards while asking a question (or thinking of a topic). Don’t forget to focus your energy on finding a solution to your problem or answering your question.

When you feel sufficiently shuffled the cards, layout seven of them in a row. If there are any cards in the row above or below other cards, disregard them when interpreting what is happening in the reading.

Interpret the cards within each row according to their position (i.e., first card, second card, third card, and so on). Each position represents an aspect of your life and will help provide insight into how to manifest your desires successfully.


Tarot and Oracle cards have the incredible ability to reveal the truth behind any situation. These powerful tools can help you get answers to questions you wouldn’t otherwise find, and they can help you understand yourself better. Though many people believe that they can read their fortunes with a deck of Tarot or oracle cards, this is rarely an effective solution. It’s not always possible to take an objective look at your own life, but a professional reader can do that. At Sacred ground, we can help you with professional tarot and oracle readings. Our experts have years of experience and can provide you with the right insights into your life.