Do You Easily Cry? Are You Highly Sensitive To Other People’s Energy? Maybe You Are An Empath.

Some people are born with the ability to actually feel others emotions. These people have been called ” empaths,” a term that refers to the ability to understand and share the emotions of another.

When you’re an empath, it’s important to understand why you are who you are, understand why you are so emotional, learn how to set boundaries so you don’t feel overwhelmed, and have the tools you need to make you feel more grounded in your daily life. In this blog, we’ll explain about being an empath, how to identify if someone is an empath, and how to help you cope with the bombardment of emotions and energies you feel.

What is Empathy? A Simple Definition

Empathy is the ability to understand another person’s feelings. If you empathize with someone, you can relate to them emotionally and understand them energetically.

Empathy is not just a feeling of sympathy. It is a deeper understanding of how another person actually feels. In the past, people have tried to define empathy. Some of these definitions include:

“An ability to perceive the feelings or thoughts of another person.”

“The capacity to understand and share the feelings and thoughts of others.”

Empathy can be a valuable trait in everyday life because it helps you communicate and get along with others. However, without knowing what is happening to you it can also be overwhelming and difficult to understand why you are feeling so emotional.

What are some of the Traits of an Empath?

Now that you know what empaths are, here are some traits to look for. You may feel a strong sense of connection to other people.

You may find yourself crying easily

You may be very good at reading body language and understanding what someone is feeling.

You may feel drained by the world around you.

You may be very emotional and need to cry when something bad happens. You may be very sensitive to the way others think and behave.

You may find it difficult to trust other people.

You may be very sensitive to the way others treat you.

You may find yourself needing a lot of alone time.

If you have experienced any of these, then it’s possible that you are an empath.

You may be experiencing negative emotions/energy when people are in pain or sadness. You may feel that you need to help people or feel drained after being in their presence.This can also happen when you are talking to someone on the phone.

You may experience depression if you are an empath.

Do not despair, do not feel alone!

There are tools to help you cope in your everyday life. Once you realize all these emotions and sadness are coming from outside of you and not internally driven by you, realizations will start falling into place. Educating yourself about why you feel this way could help you take back control of your life and you may feel less overwhelmed and alone.

What Are the Different Types of Empaths?

There are 3 different types of empaths:

1. Cognitive Empath:

Mentally being able to relate to someone’s experiences and having a sense of knowing how the other person feels.

2. Emotional/Physical Empath:

They can easily sense physical pain and discomfort. They may feel sad if someone else is in emotional or physical pain. This is experienced when you have an actual internal response to others.

3. Intuitive Empath:

They feel everything that goes on around them even to a global scale.

Tips to Being an Empath

You can also try taking some of the following steps to help :

  • Consider getting a pet if people easily drain you. The bond between empaths and animals is extremely comforting.
  • To manage overstimulation on your own, or if it affects your quality of life or prevents you from reaching your personal goals, you can learn how to set boundaries and identify helpful self-care strategies.
  • Meditation, walking, or another stress-reducing activity can help you emotionally decompress during the day.
  • By being aware of your own emotional state you can begin to differentiate what emotions are actually yours.
  • Keep a positive attitude. Negativity in general and negative people should be avoided.
  • Repeat positive affirmations to increase your self-esteem.
  • You should also get some time alone. Find a quiet place where you can recharge.


In this blog, we discussed that Empaths are extremely sensitive to others. Some can feel every emotion that they come into contact with. This can be good for them, but it can also be bad. You must learn how to deal with your emotions and the emotions of others and how to separate the two. When we feel an emotion, it’s a signal that we need to be aware of our environment and the people in it. Problems arise when we let our emotions control us. We can become so overwhelmed that we do not know what to do next.
Sacred Ground has resources and tools to help you. There are so many reasons why empaths feel overwhelmed, stressed, frustrated and exhausted. We have empaths here at Sacred Ground who can relate to you. They will guide you and give you tools that can help you understand yourself. You can learn to set boundaries, manage energies and your emotions as they occur. In this way, you will be able to start feeling much happier and more confident.
Reach out today and know that you are not alone!