Energy & Somatic Healing with farah 55min

$70 (55min)

Energy Healings and Spiritual Guidance
Farah Devi is an energizer with solutions that will empower and enrich your life to reach new heights and possibilities. She is here to share with you powerful cognitions, touch healing, sound therapy, oracle readings, tantra mantra chanting, medicinal regimens, ancient Ayurvedic plant formulations, and Living Water. These Cosmic solutions are life-transforming in health and wealth abundance.

AUM Remedies’ was created to serve humanity the best quality, conscious CBD/CBG tinctures and Living Water. AUM’s Ayurvedic solutions were created for chronic pain, stressors and anxieties, gut health, and mental well-being, whole-body healing.

AUM Remedies provides energetically powered tinctures for your everyday life. We formulated with love, science, and the highest quality hemp & Ayurvedic extracts.

Individual Sessions/ Couples Sessions/ Sacred Cacao Workshops/ Medical Cannabis Consulting/ Energy Healings and Spiritual Guidance.