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Reflexology with Cheryl (Dec 15, Fri, 2-6PM)


Reflexology involves gentle pressure to the feet and sometimes the hands and ears. Reflexology has many benefits including increased circulation, relaxation, elimination of toxins, and improved healing.

Date and Time: December 5, Friday, 2-6pm

30 minute session opens the energy in the body through the feet $40
60 minutes includes arms, hands and head $70

Please call us at 847.749.3922 to schedule your appointment.

For more information about Phillip and to register please go to our website shopsacredground@gmail.com.  Contact us at 847.749.3922

Time Slots

Jan 12, Thursday, 12PM-5PM, Jan 19, Thursday, 12PM-5PM, Jan 26, Thursday, 12PM-5PM, Feb 2, 12PM-5PM, Feb 9, 12PM-5PM, Feb 16, 12PM-5PM, Feb 23, 12PM-5PM


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