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Hypno Gong Stress Release Meditation with Andre (Nov 24, Fri, 6:30-8PM)


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Date: Nov 24, Fri, 6:30-8PM

Session Duration: 30 mins


Combining hypnosis with sound healing can offer several potential benefits. Hypnosis is a state of focused attention and heightened suggestibility, while sound healing uses vibrations to promote relaxation and well-being. When these two practices are combined, they can enhance the overall therapeutic experience in various ways:

• Deeper Relaxation: The calming sounds facilitate relaxation, making it easier for individuals to enter a hypnotic state, which can deepen the overall relaxation experience.

• Heightened Focus: The combination of specific sounds and hypnotic suggestions can enhance focus and concentration, making it easier for individuals to absorb positive suggestions and imagery during the hypnosis session.

• Stress Reduction: Both hypnosis and sound healing are known to reduce stress levels. By combining these techniques, individuals may experience a greater sense of calm and reduced stress and anxiety.

• Enhanced Visualization: The soothing sounds can aid in creating a conducive environment for vivid visualization, a key component of many hypnosis sessions. This can make guided imagery more immersive and effective.

• Emotional Release: Sound healing frequencies can sometimes help release blocked emotions. When combined with the therapeutic context of hypnosis, this release can be guided and processed effectively, leading to emotional healing.

• Improved Sleep: The calming effects of sound healing, when combined with hypnosis techniques for sleep improvement, can help individuals achieve a deeper and more restful sleep.

• Pain Management: Some studies suggest that sound healing can help alleviate pain. When used in conjunction with hypnosis, it may enhance pain management strategies and provide relief to individuals dealing with chronic pain conditions.

• Holistic Healing: Combining these techniques provides a holistic approach to healing, addressing mental, emotional, and physical aspects. It can contribute to overall well-being and a sense of balance.

Aza Rose is a highly skilled hypnotist, Neuro Linguistic Programming master, and Transgender-affirming hypnosis specialist who is passionate about helping people unlock their true potential. What started as a fun hobby to impress friends quickly turned into a lifelong passion for Aza, who quickly discovered the true power of hypnosis to transform lives.

Andre Peraza is a sound healer with over 10 years of experience and dedication to bringing the healing vibrations of gongs, drums, and other instruments to open-minded people seeking to release negative energy and embrace their higherself.

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