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Demystifying Hospice with Barb (Dec 18, Mon, 3-4:30pm)


Advice for Navigating End-Of-Life-Care
Hospice remains a mystery, until you need it. And then it’s hard to remember all the details you’re given at sign up, when you’re grieving and or the one suffering with an illness.
It is important to remember that first and foremost, hospice is about Living!
Hospice is a program that offers specialized care focused on enhanced quality of living, comfort, dignity, and sense of peace. It is designed to meet the unique medical, physical, cultural, and spiritual needs of patients and their loved ones facing the end-of-life changes. It is something that each one of us will face at some point, and understanding what hospice is, when it is appropriate and beneficial, and how it can help you get the most living in the weeks, months, and even years that you have left, is incredibly important.
Come and learn from an experienced hospice nurse about how the clinical staff is able to show compassion and provide for the needs of the whole family. Because she is retired from nursing and not affiliated with any agency, you get the unbiased truth with no pressure and no sales pitch.
Barbara can assist you with your questions and de-mystify “end of life” living and the choices ahead.
The information is for adults of all ages, because no matter how well one plans, there can be surprises.
Presented By: Barbara Petersen, RN, CRM, HEP
Barbara is a retired nurse after a successful 50 year career. Her specialties included public health, infection control, and the last 20 years dedicated to hospice care. Now, she is an active speaker and educator, helping families navigate the confusing and difficult decisions surrounding end-of-life care and planning. Barbara is also available for hire to give 1:1 instruction. Oftentimes the specific questions about personal care or medications need to be answered directly to the patient and family.

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