Philip Clark is a practicing Numerologist with over 37 years of experience. He is also a Reiki Master-Teacher, a Transformational Reiki Master and a teacher of Meditative practices.

Through MediNumerics (Meditation and Numerology), Philip has designed a creative process, that assists individuals and businesses in identifying and removing those traits and habits that stop them from achieving their maximum potential.

By incorporating his “Four “A” Approach”, Philip shows how to tap into the powerful resources within. The potential is within all of us to experience life to the fullest. Philip teaches you how to tap into that potential!

Philip explains the significance of numbers in your present life and beyond. Numerology is an ancient practice with roots in Babylonian, Egyptian, Greek, and Chinese civilizations, spanning thousands of years. The use of numbers and their symbolic meanings has been intertwined with spiritual and mystical beliefs across diverse cultures throughout history. The modern interpretation of numerology as a tool for understanding personality traits, life paths, and spiritual insights has evolved over centuries. Philip’s expertise in numerology draws upon this rich historical backdrop, offering profound insights and guidance based on the symbolic meanings and vibrations associated with numbers. Experience a transformative exploration of numerology with Philip to gain deeper understanding and clarity about your life path and potential at Sacred Ground.

Philip graduated from Northwestern University’s School of Business with a major in Finance. After graduation, he was the first draft choice of the Dallas Cowboys, of the National Football League, and played for 5 years with the Cowboys, the Chicago Bears and the New England Patriots.

Philip has appeared on Radio and TV, conducted numerous seminars and workshops, nationally and internationally, and teaches on-going classes in Numerology, Meditation, Reiki, and Stress Management.