Peruvian Shaman/Medium Workshops, Ceremonies, Privates, and House Clearings

Melissa Gama has a Master’s degree & Life Coaching Certification in Transpersonal Psychology and has been helping others to discover the keys to unlocking their own inner calling and highest potential since 2008. Her own journey of healing led her to train in Shamanic healing practices and traditions of the Andes, Huna, & Medicine work. She offers meditation classes, private sessions, year-long programs, healing & spiritual connection through art & creative expression, and more.

Melissa, a Peruvian shaman and medium, offers a transformative journey into the heart of ancient wisdom and spiritual healing. With deep roots in the traditions, Melissa provides a unique blend of shamanic practices and mediumship, facilitating profound connections with the spiritual realm. Her compassionate guidance helps individuals uncover hidden truths, release emotional blockages, and find clarity and purpose in their lives. Engaging with Melissa not only enriches one’s spiritual understanding but also promotes holistic healing, offering a path to balance and harmony in both mind and body. Whether seeking insight, healing, or a deeper connection with the universe, an encounter with Melissa is a step towards profound personal transformation.

Please call the store to inquire about house and entity clearings