Lisa Joy: Andara Crystals & Sacred geometry classes

Andara Crystals Class (Thursday)

Sacred Geometry Class (Friday)

First: unlocking the basic mysteries and history  of Monatomic Andara Crystals. You will learn the many ways to use these etheric master crystals and about prima matra and why they are dubbed the Philosopher or manifestor stone. You will also receive the first of the Lemurian Codex for activation of your Andara and receive free mini readings afterwards to see exactly how the stones available for purchase are working within your auric field and personal kundalini energies.

Second: Using Sacred Geometry to Activate your Multidimensionality.
Learn several different methods of using  sacred geometry both in physical and energetic forms to activate your own multidimensionality.
Pyramids, Octahedrons, Merkaba, Spirals and sacred spheres will all be explored using metaphysical and meditative techniques.

Lisa Joy is an intuitive medium working with master crystals to retrieve messages and information from people’s guides, lost loved ones and personal Akashic Records or past lives when they are ready to be revealed. Lisa Joy is a certified Frequencies of Brilliance Practitioner and Reiki Master utilizing Lightwave Frequencies, Crystal Healing, Huna and other healing modalities for optimal clearing, recharging and chakra balancing welcoming one to more of their own light. She reads the light frequencies in crystals and can translate how they work within a person’s personal energetic system and Lisa Joy teaches several spiritual classes and does activations. She founded the Light of Ascension Mystery School in 2020 and holds sacred circles in Green Bay, Wisconsin where she has also opened the Frequencies of Wellness Healing Center. There she offers several services designed to help others raise their frequencies and attract what matches to them into their lives. Located in the healing center is the Spirit Boutique where she sells etheric master crystals, sacred geometry and a variety of ascension tools for raising our frequencies and activating our light bodies.