I’m a professional animal communicator, instructor, author, and speaker who helps animal lovers to access their natural, intuitive abilities.I have helped thousands of people to better understand their animals through telepathic communication. When their animals are hurting or misbehaving, I can advise on how to help them.

I also work with people doing intuitive readings, speaking with their guides, tapping into past lives and helping them with their soul’s mission.

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linda Roberts

Animal Communicator & Classes

Class Energy Hygiene

If you’re an empath, you understand how valuable having clear energy can be. 

Do you ever feel drained or ill from other people or animals?  

If you do, you need to learn how to clear your energy so you can live your best life and not be weighted down with other people’s heavy energy. 

In this 90 minute workshop, you will learn how to improve your self-energy clearing practices.  

I will also teach you my process for shielding energy to prevent absorption of other’s energies. This method of shielding allows you to continue to feel, as an empath, while preventing one’s energy from sticking and staying on you

Class Talk with Your Animal

I will guide you thru the process of animal communication during this 90 minute workshop. 

We ALL have this ability.  I learned how to find it and can show you the steps so you can find it too in my 5 step process!

You will learn the steps you need to take to accurately hear/feel/see your animals, telepathically.   

Telepathy works with all living things – so you may even be better able to talk with plants, crystals and all thing in this beautiful world.

Create a deeper connection with the animals in your life or those who have crossed over.