Kate’s Classes Ostara

The Wheel of the Year Series: Ostara

Reconnect with nature through our Wheel of the Year Series. March 18th we will be celebrating the Spring Equinox and the Sabbat Ostara. In this class we will have a meditation welcoming in Spring and planting our seeds of intent for the year ahead. Dried flowers and paint pens will be used to create one of a kind personal Mandalas on canvas to take home as a reminder of our new intentions and goals. Herbal tea blends will be crafted to take home for drinking and for milk baths, along with a discussion on garden herbs to grow and use in everyday ways such as cooking, teas, herbal salt bath blends, saining bundles, infusions and more. Journal prompts, Tarot spread sheets, Legends and Lore will all be included as well as Dark Chocolate seed bark and a Rose Vanilla Adaptogen Tea to enjoy during class.