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Holistic Center

Step into our newly transformed holistic center, where a world of healing and self-discovery awaits. Explore our free weekly meditations along with various modalities of holistic wellness, classes, and events.

While you’re there sit around our giant crystal grid and set your intentions or meditate under our mystical star gate.

Some of the services we offer are:

Featured Classes & Events:

Gong Sound Bath

By Andres

If you have joined us before you know you don’t want to miss this! If you have not yet experienced a gong journey with Amazing Sound Healer Andre Peraza- You Must!

The gong is a powerful instrument that works on many levels to heal the listener. It can help release deep emotional energy and feelings in order to better ground yourself.  Andre works with multiple sound instruments including the gong, and a variety of drums and chimes. 

Please bring a yoga mat, your favorite pillow and blanket and an open mind…the gong will do the rest.

Star Gate

By Gordon Hughes

What is a stargate?

A stargate is a structure designed using the wisdom of the ancient science of sacred geometry. It’s similar to a pyramid, although the design is more intricate and it incorporates a Star of David, or Merkaba, on top. As well as representing the energy field around the body, this is a symbol for protection and divine light. Stargates focus star energies while pyramids focus pyramidal energy. A pyramid has a limited field but a stargate has unlimited capabilities and allows a person to tap into pure source energy. As plants need water to grow, so our spirit needs star energy, as most of us are star seeds. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

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