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Enjoy visiting our Arlington Hights location & Discover the Wonders of Wellness at one of a kind Sacred Ground!

19 E Miner Street, Arlington Heights, IL.

you can now schedule all privates, classes & Workshops
via this website!

We have moved to an online payment platform. You will now be booking your appointments, classes, and workshops via our website. This will streamline the process for us and for you. This robust online system will let you see when practitioners will be in the store and their available time slots. It also provides a text confirmation of your booking and reminders 1 day and 1 hour away from your appointment.

Deneene & Cheryl

We will still be able to help you make appointments over the phone and accommodate walk ins.

We want to accommodate cash only customers. You can always come into the store and pay with cash.

Please call (847)749-3922 with any questions and we will always do our best to make it work!

Our Holistic Center

Featuring our practitioners, Meditations, Star Gate, Classes, Workshops, and a Lending Library for books, tarot, and oracle cards. It is located where our original store used to be.


Welcome to Sacred Ground, a retail store & Holistic Center located in downtown Arlington Heights

Sacred Ground is not just a store; it’s a sanctuary for those seeking unique treasures and holistic essentials. In addition to its remarkable selection of rocks, crystals, A+ specimens and thumbnails the store is a haven for gift seekers featuring fun, and unusual items as well as ethically sourced and crafted goods. All of this makes for thoughtful and distinctive presents as well as colorful ways of decorating your lives.

As you wander through Sacred Ground, the ambiance is further enriched by the scents of carefully curated incense and holy wood (palo santo). These sensory elements create an atmosphere that aligns with the holistic and tranquil environment we’ve cultivated at our Holistic Center.

Sacred Ground prides itself on curating a collection of out-of-the-ordinary items that add an extra layer of charm to your exploration. From whimsical trinkets to captivating curiosities, each piece tells a story and contributes to the overall sense of discovery.

The store goes beyond by offering holistic remedies such as Edgar Cayce products and castor oil packs, as well as supporting artisans who produce small batches of organic and fair-trade items.

We encourage you to embark on a dual journey—exploring the natural healing resources at Sacred Ground and immersing yourself in the transformative experiences at our Holistic Center. Together, these spaces weave a tapestry of well-being, self-discovery, and the joy of uncovering truly unique and meaningful items that enhance your journey. Welcome to a our world where the extraordinary meets the transformative, just two doors apart.

Our gem stones, crystals, and minerals

I hand pick everything, offering A+ quality on our tumbles, free forms, raw, polished, specimens, thumbnails and more. We carry an extensive line of the popular crystals but we also carry a large selection of unusual, rare and more of the collectors items…I love our rock hound enthusiasts.

Our Holistic Center

Sacred Ground Holistic Center invites you to embark on a transformative journey, embracing a spectrum of diverse modalities carefully curated to nurture your well-being. Immerse yourself in the serenity of guided meditation, unlocking the inner pathways to tranquility and self-discovery. Our unique Star Gate experience provides a cosmic portal to heightened awareness and spiritual connection. Sit around our large crystal grid that changes often whether it’s for protection, self-love, or abundance.

We are a brick and mortar store and do everything in person

If for some reason you can not get to us, we will do our best to Zoom or Facetime with you so you can have a reading or attend a class.

What’s New

Tea Store Chicago

Arcane Herbal Teas from Chicagoland Chinatown

At Sacred Ground, we’re proud to offer Arcane Herbal Teas, sourced from a leading Midwest herbal pharmacy with over 40 years of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) expertise.

Deneene, personally uses these teas, believing their quality and effectiveness. 

The name “Arcane” reflects the belief that herbs possess ancient knowledge, coupled with modern scientific studies, and a healing quality in their medicinal properties. This name conveys the idea that these plants have a long history and secret wisdom in healing and wellness practices.

By partnering with Arcane Herbal Teas, Sacred Ground brings you the finest traditional herbal medicine to support your holistic health journey.

I will be doing live shows soon via Facebook & TikTok…I’ll Keep you all posted.

#shopsacredground facebook, Instagram,TikTok

Now Offering:
• Painting & Wine Parties
• Clearings and Blessings for your new space, office, or home
• Private Classes For Groups
• Practitioners coming to you for a private party or event
• Have a group that meets once a month, quarterly, or each year? Have an exclusive gathering with practitioners at our space and we can provide catering too!
Fun & unique ideas for your friends, family or group. Rent our space for your own private use.
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